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Order Utrecht corporate gifts in 2024

Looking for the best company gifts from Utrecht? For colleagues or business associates? Please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for your company.

Corporate gifts with a story

Discover the extraordinary power of our corporate gifts from Utrecht, where unique and inspiring stories come to life. Each corporate gift tells the story of a local entrepreneur and is proudly wrapped by talented people from sheltered workshops. Every corporate gift therefore contains a special card that brings all these stories to life.

What makes Utrecht corporate gifts extra fun?


Creating our corporate gifts is all about the magical little details that make the difference. Not only do they speak of care and attention, but they also clearly show that we value our colleagues and business partners in a personal and heart-warming way.


Where else can you find such an extraordinary and brilliant concept? Every entrepreneur has their own unique story, and that story is also shared through our corporate gifts. This makes Utrecht in a Box absolutely the most remarkable corporate gift of the year!


With us you will not find a haphazard mix of things in the corporate gifts, but a lovingly curated bundle full of local gems.

Frequently asked questions for ordering corporate gifts

It is advisable to order your Utrecht company gifts at least 2 to 5 weeks in advance. This gives us and our partners sufficient time to have the gifts put together and delivered. If you are late in ordering, you run the risk that we no longer have time to provide the corporate gifts for your company. And that is of course a shame!

How many Utrecht company gifts you should order depends on the number of employees and business relations you have and want to give them a personal gift. We often recommend estimating a little higher so that new employees and business associates also receive a nice local gift.

That's certainly possible! It is possible to have us add your own card or product. There are often companies that still choose to add a gift voucher. It is also possible to add your company logo to the Box. So much fun! It is possible to personalize the company gifts in the online ordering process or by contacting us.


Do you want a specially composed company gift, completely tailor-made for your colleagues? Then grab your chance now and contact us. Our team is eager to come up with the ultimate surprise together with you. Give free rein to your creativity and make this gift an unforgettable experience for you and your colleagues!

In general, the minimum purchase is 50 corporate gifts.

Sure! With us you have the option to have company gifts sent directly to the addresses of your colleagues. A super handy option, especially if your colleagues work from home and are not physically present at the office to pick up their festive surprise. 

Please note that this easy service comes with additional shipping costs. But believe us, it's definitely worth it to make your remote team shine with a heart-warming Utrecht gift delivered straight to their door.

Together let's create a magical and unforgettable gift for everyone, wherever they are!

Order on time and indicate your desired delivery date! We will then ensure that your company gifts arrive on time.

Yes, we offer the option to have Utrecht company gifts sent to multiple addresses. Please contact us for this.

Unfortunately that is not possible. Because we work with perishable delicacies and have company gifts packed through sheltered workshops, we usually do not have a physical store to see an example. If you require a large order, we can always visit you in consultation or send you a sample gift.

Do you have any questions about the (next) order?

Many proud companies preceded you!

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