Utrecht in a Box

With our positive energy, tasty Boxes and social involvement, we turn every Box into a party. 

Choose Utrecht in a Box and let's make the city a bit more beautiful together, one moment of happiness and a tasty snack or drink at the same time!

Proud entrepreneurs in the spotlight!

'Combination of opening and closing shops'

In 2017, two brothers started the City in a Box initiative with the mission to put entrepreneurs in the spotlight and to introduce the locals to all the goodies the city has to offer. This resulted in the tastiest and most original Christmas packages in town! Since then we have been collecting the tastiest artisanal products from local soil in our boxes.

In addition to supporting local entrepreneurship, we also want to support local employment. This is why we have chosen to have our packages packed at social workshops. It doesn't stop at simply collecting tasty local products. We would like to contribute to employment among the toppers who find it just a little less easy to find a job.

Local partners

The Cheese Factory

Do you already know De Kaasfabriek? Partner of Utrecht in a Box. Quality is their top priority. Not only in terms of taste, but also how safely food is handled. With their team, they enthusiastically work every day to let as many people as possible enjoy the taste.

The Nut Shop in Zeist

The nut shop of Zeist is a nut shop that is no less than 40 years young and is located in the heart of Zeist. The Zeist nut shop has a cozy shop with a wide range of freshly made products, such as chocolate and of course nuts!

Riot Brewery

Oproer Brouwerij is a large beer company with a large brewery and its own beautiful cafe. It has a wide range of beers such as IPA, stout, barrel aged wils ales and sours. Of course they also have other products such as delicious fresh coffee.

Brewery Eleven

Brouwerij Eleven in Utrecht is a beautiful and large beer brewery from Utrecht. They have a wide range with a large number of beer types from soft, fruity NEIPAs to a barrel aged barley wine. They also sell other products such as whiskey and vinegar!

From the region beer

Van de Streek beer is a large beer company from Utrecht. They have a wide range of different types of beers such as blonde, dark, fruity, gluten-free, IPA and many more! They also have a nice tasting room in Utrecht with no less than 16 different types of draft beer.


Schulp is a company that has been working with fruit since 1861. In 1861 Albertus Schulp starts with 1 hectare of land in Breelen. 5 generations later, Albert Schulp decides to turn it into juice in 1995. Since then, Schulp's delicious juices have existed with a wide range of different types!

The Cookie Factory

The cake factory is a company that bakes fresh cake and other products. It has a large assortment such as cheese biscuits, ginger nuts, sweet biscuits, biscuit gift cards and much more! They also have an eye for people with disabilities who are often not hired, but at the cake factory they are!

Twisted Jams

Twisted Jams is a company where jam is made from products that are not good for sale. Like a pepper that is crooked and not straight. As a result, they are not sold but usually thrown away, but twisted makes delicious jam from fruit and vegetables that this happens with.

The Bee Boss

De Bijenbaas is a company that focuses on protecting the bees. They do this because they believe that the bees are very important to the world, because without them there is no food, no flowers and no plants. They make delicious fresh honey from these protected bees they have.


Rondje-Utrecht is a company with a very large assortment of different types of cool Utrecht likorettes. The company started in 2015 during the Tour de France, which of course took place in Utrecht. Where Guillaume came up with the idea of bringing 1 flavor to the market, it has now been expanded considerably with many tasty flavours. Give me another round!

Pink Bunker

Pink bunker is a company that makes delicious syrup. The syrup is made only by fresh fruits and fresh herbs. It is made from a lot of fruit that is thrown away and can then be used nicely to make syrup. It is also wonderful to mix to make delicious cocktails.

Network of entrepreneurs

Since 2017 we have been providing local Christmas hampers and promotional gifts for proud companies. To mean as much as possible, we have a large network of local entrepreneurs in cities throughout the Netherlands.